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The team at Home Enhancement Pro is skilled and experienced in all kinds of garage doors repair.

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A beautiful, functional garage door is a key part of any home. It provides security, privacy, and protection against the elements. It also creates convenience for busy families on the go. Of course, all that is lost when there’s something wrong with your garage door. The team at Home Enhancement Pro is skilled and experienced in all kinds of garage doors repair. Here’s an overview of the major parts of garage doors and some of the emergency garage door repair needs they may create.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

The real work of raising and lowering your garage door is done by heavy springs that are located above the door opening. They store and release energy as the door moves, making it easier for your opener to raise and lower it. Springs can become brittle and break over time, leaving the door inoperable. This is the most dangerous part of the entire door, so be sure to call a professional if you need garage door spring replacement or garage spring repair.

Disengage Rope/Lever

When your opener cannot operate due to a power failure or malfunction, you need to be able to open and close your door. The rope hanging from the track is used to release the door from the opener, allowing you to raise and lower the door the old-fashioned way. If this mechanism breaks, you will be stuck with no powered means of opening the door. Let our team make this repair and restore normal operation.
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Garage Door Belt Repair

The track running from your opener to the wall above your door contains either a rubber belt or a metal chain that pulls the door up and controls its movement as it is lowered. Over time, the thousands of up/down cycles of your door can cause the belt or chain to become worn and eventually break, leaving your door unusable. They can also bind in the track, creating noise and contributing to wear. If you hear or see anything wrong with the belt or chain, contact a professional.

Garage Door Motor Repair

The power in a power garage door comes from the opener located above your car. This device includes an electric motor that provides power plus pulleys, a receiver for your remotes, and wiring. You may need garage door opener motor replacement, or your garage door opener repair could have been caused by anything from failed circuit boards to loose connections.
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Garage Door Cable Drum Repair

Your garage door is pulled upward (and released downward) by a cable attached at each of the bottom corners and wound onto large spindles at the top corners of the opening. These are known as the cable drums, and they turn on an axle that passes through the springs. If your cable drums do not properly wind up or release the cable as the door is moved, you should talk to a professional about garage door cable drum replacement. The cable itself may break or become frayed as well, requiring garage door cable replacement.

Garage Door Track Repair

Your garage door rides up and down on two metal tracks. Sometimes the garage door track can become warped or damaged by contact with vehicles, tools, or items stored in the garage. Replacements must be installed perfectly straight and level to prevent binding, so leave this process to a professional. Replacing garage door rollers may be easier while you’re having the track replaced.

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Garage Door Hinge Repair

The several sections of your garage door must properly fold as they make the turn between the horizontal and vertical parts of the guide track. Hinges may be damaged or become loose over time, which can cause the door to bind as it attempts to make its turn in the track. In garage door hinge replacement, the new hinges must be configured the same as the old ones and properly aligned by a contractor.

Garage Panel Repair

The panels are the parts of the door that you see from outside. They can be damaged by bumps from vehicles, or their windows can be broken by hailstones or errant basketball passes. Garage door panel replacement will restore the appearance and performance of your doors.


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Garage Door Lock Repair

Power-operated garage doors are held closed by the opener system, but manual doors must be locked. The lock must be properly aligned to pass through the track smoothly and keep the door securely locked. These are usually put in as part of garage door installation, but you may also have to do garage door lock replacement if you misplace the key or have other security concerns.

Garage doors are complicated and dangerous to work on. Don’t take chances by doing repairs yourself. Whether it’s garage panel replacement, garage door motor replacement, or anything in between, the team at Home Enhancement Pro can get it done.